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The Concord Grape - One Super Fruit!

Purple fruit for health:

The USDA’s My Plate recommends that Americans make half their plate fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, most of us are not currently meeting these recommended daily amounts1, especially falling short on blue and purple fruits and vegetables.2 Blue and purple fruits, like the Concord grape, provide health promoting plant nutrients (polyphenols) that may not be found in other colors of fruits and vegetables.  Concord grapes and 100% grape juice both count as part of the fruit group and can be delicious, colorful additions to the diet. For more tips to help increase your family’s fruit intake, visit

Concord grapes make heart-healthy 100% juice:

Promoting healthy, clear arteries
Concord grapes contain plant nutrients (or phytonutrients) called polyphenols.  In fact the grapes used to make red wine and the Concord grapes used in certain 100% grape juices contain many of the same polyphenols.  Studies suggests that these plant nutrients act as antioxidants to help minimize the damaging effects of LDL or “bad” cholesterol and help support healthy, clear arteries. 3-5

To learn more about the studies referenced in this section, visit the Grape Science Center.

Encouraging flexible arteries
Concord grape juice has been shown to provide many of the same heart-health benefits of red wine, without the worries of alcohol.6,7 Specifically, growing research suggests that drinking Concord grape juice can benefit the heart by helping maintain flexible arteries4,7,8 to support healthy circulation. 9,10

To learn more about the studies referenced in this section, visit the Grape Science Center.

Breaking research news:

What’s good for the heart may also be good for the mind*
Scientists are investigating the effects of Concord grapes on heart health and cognitive function.  A pilot study reported in 2010 found that Concord grape juice may benefit older adults with early memory decline.11 This is an emerging area, and results are very preliminary, so more research is needed before drawing any conclusions.  However, the pilot study is promising because it shows that further research is warranted to learn if Concord grape juice can support healthy cognitive function as we age.

To learn more about this research and related laboratory studies, visit the Grape Science Center.

*In this investigation, 12 older adults with early memory decline were randomly assigned to consume either 100% Concord grape juice or a calorie-matched placebo beverage for 12 weeks.  Each subject was assessed with measures of verbal and spatial memory before and after the intervention.  While there were no statistical differences between the groups at baseline, following the treatment, those consuming Concord grape juice demonstrated significant improvement in list learning.  The authors did not find statistically significant improvements in improved list retention or spatial memory, but did observe positive trends.

Concord grape juice could contribute to a healthy immune system
Early research suggests that certain nutrients (i.e., polyphenols and vitamin C), like those found in Concord grapes, may play a role in supporting a healthy immune system. 12-15 While considered a preliminary area of science, researchers have recently found that 100% grape juice made with Concord grapes and fortified with vitamin C increased a type of immune cell – the gamma delta T cell a cell that sends signals to the immune system to respond. 15

To learn more about this research and related laboratory studies, visit the Grape Science Center.

Please see “References” below for further details on the research discussed in this section.  And for more on new science behind Concord grapes, visit Research News

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Concord grapes contain plant nutrients (or phytonutrients) called polyphenols.